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It's a Girl's World.    It's a CLIC Nation.

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CLIC for what?

The Community Life Improvement Center is a non-profit with a mission to develop the most undervalued groups of people in society, for the purpose of cultivating underserved communities in an innovative way. #CommunityMatters

The CLIC for Girls is a program designed to develop young women and girls in the areas of Faith, Self-esteem, Healthy Relationships through Effective Communication and Community Awareness, to equip them for the development of underserved communities.

Our vision is a world where all girls are confident, competent, equipped and valued members of their communities. This will ultimately change the way young women and girls of color are viewed and valued in America. 





Lady Live is a program that produces effective, consistent and sustainable mentor-mentee relationships between women and girls. Lady Live does this by cultivating role models and mentors for girls through coaching adult women in the process of inner healing, building confidence, goal setting and taking responsibility for leading the next generation. This program  helps CLIC to be  sustainable because it strengthens the women who are then compelled to empower the girls. #Ladies Matter #MentorsMatter

The CLIC House is a one of a kind, innovative place; a rehabilitated house redesigned to serve as a community coaching center. It is also a sustainable program that provides wrap-around life skills development services for underprivileged girls and their families. With interactive workshops and support groups held in a home-like environment, participants will simultaneously be involved in neighborhood revitalization projects that exemplify the same transformation that they are experiencing in their personal lives; including an increase of their perceived value in the eyes of the community.
Family + Place =  ​#HomeMatters


CLIC Culture focuses on creating partnerships with organizations that are already established, such as churches and other faith-based non-profit groups; supporting the parts of their mission that are focused on developing people in underserved communities, community enhancement and creating a more “kingdom-oriented” culture beyond the walls of their facilities.  

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The Community Life Improvement Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization based on the Christian faith principles; offering services such as prayer, bible study and Christian counseling to those who are interested ( minors must have parental approval ).

Although we are Christian based and often use scriptural references in our messages, we believe in showing the love of Jesus Christ by being inclusive.  We are committed to cultivating the lives of people from all races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. We believe that God wants all people taken care of, no matter what they believe. It is our goal to develop faith in people that focuses on not only who they believe in but, what they believe for. All are welcome, loved and respected at The CLIC.

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