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The Community Life Improvement Center (CLIC) was established in 2015 as an organization designed to enrich the lives of GIRLS, WOMEN, MINORITIES and UNDERSERVED communities through LIFE SKILLS workshops, cultivating ENTREPRENEURSHIP and ongoing community improvement PROJECTS. It's evolved over the years.

The CLIC House program has 2 purposes:

1. To serve as a headquarters, located in the heart urban communities abroad; with meeting spaces for training, workshops and neighborhood events. These properties will be most likely zoned mixed-use or commercial.

2. To rehabilitate distressed residential properties in low-income opportunity zones; turning them into affordable homes (aiding the housing crisis) and community enrichment centers. 

The CLIC House is a home away from home and

an opportunity for the homeless;
serving those who need it most.


Because the people who have the least support in life often have the biggest DREAMS! 

The CLIC House is...

Where HOPE Meets HOME.

For more details, watch this video:
The Best Place 2019 | The CLIC House

the CLIC House DIAGRAM.jpg

Any donation will help make an impact AND it's TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.​

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much and please

SHARE with as many people as you can! #theclichouse

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