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Lady Live was founded by Certified Life Coach & Master Facilitator, Natalie C. Jones as a specialized program to work in conjunction with CLIC's mentoring program, The CLIC for Girls.  Lady Live is a program that produces effective, consistent and sustainable mentor-mentee relationships between women and girls; specifically for girls of color who live in low-income areas. Launched in January 2019, Lady Live has facilitated the completion of 3 cohorts of women through interactive workshops, cultivating role models and mentors for young women and girls. Lady Live coaches women through the process of inner healing, building confidence, goal setting and taking the responsibility of leading the next generation. #MentorsMatter.


As mentioned, Lady Live grew out of a need that surfaced during the implementation of CLIC for Girls.  We had women from the community (parents and volunteers) serving as mentors. As we met with the mentors for topic discussions and group meeting preparations, it became evident that the mentors themselves were in need of encouragement and emotional support as well. In order for them to continue to be available to mentor the girls, they needed to develop their own life skills to manage the responsibility.








We understand the devastation that girls feel when a  mentor that they connected with, suddenly is no longer involved. The girls feel abandoned and rejected, not knowing that their mentors were struggling with their own life challenges. Lady Live aims to help these women manage their lives successfully so that they can continue to give in service to girls as much as their hearts desire.  

According to The Motivational Theory of Role Modeling, American Psychological Association “Role models are individuals who provide an example of the kind of success that one may achieve, and often also provide a template of the behaviors that are needed to achieve such success.” 












Lady Live exemplifies an innovation that can change the way non-profits mentor; investing in the mentor just as much as we do the mentee. We are transforming mentors into authentic role models, who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. There is an awareness, spontaneity and wisdom needed to be able to fluidly and seamlessly respond to the needs of underprivileged girls of color.  As the girls look into the mirror of the faces of the women that advise them, they see hope and strength beyond their current circumstances. Our mentors, the moms and the volunteers from the community need help in exhibiting, beyond the script hope and resilience. We empower the mentors, even women who don't even know that girls are looking up to them. We give these women the support they need in order for them to be impactful role models for the girls. 

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